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Why You Should Join Next One Funnel Away Challenge?

Maybe you are already using Clickfunnels , or maybe you have read DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, or even Traffic Secrets, but you still feel like you need more support and help? That's why you need to join One Funnel Away Challenge

What Is One Funnel Away Challenge ?

You have probably landed on this page either because you have typed “One Funnel Away Challenge” on the search engine or because someone shared you the link.

 Either way, it is obvious you want to know what One Funnel Away Challenge really means and wish to know if it is for you or not…
I will provide you with appropriate information about One Funnel Away Challenge to help you make a decision on whether it is for you or not as well as providing you with my special perspective on what the challenge is.

It is obvious that there are tons of “One Funnel Away Review” on the internet today, which will pop up when you try to google search it because a lot of big names have been promoting this “online challenge” by Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen and Julio Stoian. 

As a result of this, it might be difficult to know who among the writers are being honest with their review. Yes, some might overhype it just to sell their product or make you click their affiliate link.

So, I have prepared for you this honest and unbiased “One Funnel Away Challenge Review,” so read on…

Who Is One Funnel Away Challenge For

Clickfunnels launched the One Funnel Away challenge some years ago to help beginners and more advanced online entrepreneurs be successful with their business after step-by-step training and information.

It can be effective for any business in any environment, but this program works best when a process is not yet in place.

The One Funnel Away Challenge was intended to help entrepreneurs solve their problems related to ineffective marketing and customer acquisition by showing them a step-by-step program to follow.

Before enrolling in this training program, you must have a product or service ready to sell that potential customers can access. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can promote other people's products as an affiliate.  

If you only have access to one funnel and 30 days to fix your business or start a new one, what exactly would be the steps?

There are 30 different training courses, created by established industry experts, that you will receive after purchasing this challenge. Then you apply this training to your ideas, laying the foundation for a successful outcome.  

If you are looking for a shortcut to make money quickly, One Funnel Away Challenge is not the right investment. 

You should take the time to learn what it takes to turn potential customers into customers. 

There are 30 hard days of work, where you get the support of an involved community and specialized coaches.       

Inside look at the “One Funnel Away Challenge” Concept

 The concept of “One Funnel Away Challenge'' is the idea that you are a funnel away from achieving your dream with your online business.

In other words, gurus are trying to make you buy their 'one-funnel' systems, convincing you that it is easy and simple to become lucrative online if you use the right funnel.

But, unfortunately, this type of conversation involves a lot of publicity!

The challenge basically divides the process of building a profitable online business into stages.

From my experience as a mentor to future entrepreneurs, the most common question I get is:

Where to start?

There is so much to absorb and learn about online entrepreneurship that most people don't even know how to focus on this first step. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge takes the complex task of creating online business and transforms it step by step into a linear process. 

Then, it answers the question, "Where to start?" And it continues to guide you from there.         

It guides you through important things like:
-How to develop a valuable product
-How to build your list
-How to build a sales funnel
-How to create a value scale
-How to develop other products
-And more

Apart from the fact that it teaches you how to do all of these things, it also shows you the precise way to do it. The challenge teaches where to see designers to build your assets, what tools to use to create your funnels, etc.  

The One Funnel Away Challenge provides the model you need to start your first 6-figure / year business. And it's really a challenge because they offer strict tasks and deadlines for what to do every day.  

So now, what is the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)?

The OFA Challenge is essentially a 30 - day online training with three of the best coaches in the world, which are Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen. 

These specialists will guide you step by step in launching your first or next funnel, reveal sales secrets, traffic secrets, and more, and your jaw will fall. 

They make the process fun and easy ...        
The OFA Challenge is 30 days of energetic lessons that will help you to be successful in any business, and if you don't already have business before training ends, you will know how to start one or more. It's just brainstorming ...      

The pre-training session takes place in the first week, a week made for you to have an appropriate state of mind so that you are completely immersed in the challenge of a funnel.

During the next 4 weeks, participants will receive daily lessons with links sent by email. 

The training takes place every day; it is essential to pass them in order. There is also work to do to ensure that you apply what is taught, just like a spoon – feeding you to ensure that you succeed.        

This is obviously one of the few online courses that shows what successful people are doing to make it great online.

Want to know more about coaches?  

In OFA Challenge Training, there were 3 coaches, as said earlier. Russell, Stephen, and Julie covered different facets of the training which complement each other completely. In a word, Russell said the WHAT, Julie dug in the HOW, and Stephen has “hit the nail on the face" and made us WANT to do the job.

The first trainer was Russell Brunson, who is an 8-figure trader and co-founder of ClickFunnels and the author of two best-selling books in the United States (DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets). 

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. In the training videos, you will discover it revealing the strategy and the “why” of the mission of each day.          

The second coach was Julie Stoian.

 She also built a seven-figure independent business and a million-dollar brand business and now helps people with courses on methods of using sales funnels and digital marketing. 

Julie Stoian is a great seven-figure businesswoman and a trainer whose training videos will reveal the "how" part of the course.

 Julie guides you step by step through each of her videos - guiding you on how to make things happen that Russell talked about in the previous session.    
Steve Larsen, the last coach, he brought a lot of energy, and I really loved his live training calls (don't miss it!).

 He is also a 7 Figure businessman and sales funnel builder and founder of Sales Funnel Broker. 

In addition, he has provided 1,000,000 sales funnels to help businesses manage the "technical" side of their enterprise, so they can focus on their skills. 

Stephens' videos and live calls were more than helpful and encouraging. Stephen Larsen makes live group calls, and he is officially your responsibility coach. 

You probably know Stephen on his popular podcast; if so, you should be aware of his enthusiasm and the way he makes things easy and fun.                          

 How Much Should You Invest?

The Challenge is an intensive and super practical course. So it should be expensive, right?  

Well, it's $100, all-inclusive.

For someone who has never worked in the business before, $100 may seem like a lot. 

But in reality, it's a real steal because of the value you get from this challenge. Here is a summary of the amount they could charge for all of these bonuses:    

Who Should Purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The OFA Challenge is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is a high octane, fast-paced, demanding funnel school on steroids and always 30 days or less from self-destruction. The good news is that you're ready to make a lot of money with your next funnel if you can follow along.

Here's how to find out if the One Funnel Away Challenge is right for you:

OFA Challenge Is Right For You If:

You have created funnels in the past, but you want to make sure to do a good job with the next one.

You have never built a funnel before, and the idea is overwhelming.

You are trying to figure out how to reach more people.

You run a business that responds to a wish.    

You are selling something that solves a problem.

Your business growth has stalled, but you don't understand why.

You don't have your own product yet, but you want to start selling other people's products as an affiliate.

You want to have a greater impact on the world.

You are a lifestyle entrepreneur who wants to increase your marketing skills.      

You can dedicate a minimum of one hour a day for 30 days (plus week 1 before training)

You hate your current job and want to leave.

You will refuse to miss a training day.

You are prepared to invest a small amount of $ 100 in one of the most valuable funnel programs ever created.

You wish to run a funnel to get more registrations for your virtual conference or other virtual events.

You agree to listen to Stephen's daily live training calls.

You can dedicate your time to learning the material and taking action immediately. 

OFA Challenge Is NOT Right For You If:

You cannot work 30 days in a row to deepen your knowledge of the funnel (with a week of pre-training and post-training).

You don't have an hour a day to devote to this course.

You think $ 100 is too expensive.

You are unwilling to do the homework.

 You cannot devote an hour a day for 30 consecutive days.

The secrets inside one funnel away challenge

Most people who get into marketing try to push offers down the throats of others without first learning the basics. Look, I get it. 

There is much to learn and much to understand if you want to get serious online. 

But what usually happens is that we get frustrated and overwhelmed when things go wrong. We get really excited for a short time and then fail when we don't get instant results. Does this sound familiar? 
But when you purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge, you learn to negotiate the right way. Plus, you learn from some of the smartest marketers in the world.

 No seriously. This is a good thing. Isn't it incredible? Forget about feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 

Forget about feeling lost. And join a community and movement that will really help you move the needle for you. Look, nothing happens overnight, right? I mean, Rome was not built in a day. You've heard it before, right? So you cannot expect to succeed overnight.                         
Either way, I know you're smarter than that. I know you know you have to spend time if you want real results. Isn’t it? Well, let's start things the right way. We all know that information is power, and as long as you have the appropriate information, you can alter the path of your life and your business. I think it's clear, right? 

OKAY. Now that we've clarified all of this, let's take a look at what's included in the OFA challenge.      

Week 1 - Belief

During the first week of OFA, Russell and Stephen spent a lot of time on this concept: belief. If you believe you can or you think you can't, you probably are right.

This means that, at the very foundation of who we are, the heart and essence of our life are our core beliefs. If you've once tried to change someone's beliefs on something essential, you've probably found it difficult. 

They revolve around concepts like money and politics, government, and even other people.  
Obviously, beliefs come from our education. 

But they also come from our experiences. If we have had negative experiences, we usually develop negative beliefs. And positive experiences with something often lead to positive beliefs. It involves everything in our lives. 

Money. The economy. The legal system. People in certain professions. Religion. And so on. This is why it is essential to focus on beliefs if you want to sell something. This is true when it comes to high-value items.      

That is why they spend the first week of OFA working on beliefs. Not just beliefs in general. Start by changing your beliefs. Stephen does an incredible job of telling stories that crush false beliefs. Because in the end, this is how you break a pattern of false beliefs. You have to give a story that will help crush a false belief and replace it with a new belief.          

Sections Included in Week 1:
-You Must Believe
-Who, Not How
-10x Secrets
-Catch Up Day
-Mission Review

Week 2 - Offers

Week 2 of the One Funnel Away Challenge emphasizes more on offers. If you believed the first week to be epic, expect a wild ride here.
Stephen Larsen does an incredible job, dividing all the elements of the offer. It also explains in detail the reason they talk about beliefs before offers. 

Beliefs are vital to creating offers because you need to understand what your potential customer is thinking. If you don't have knowledge about their beliefs, making an offer will seem incredibly difficult.         

As Russel discusses an overview of the offers, Stephen Larsen explores in depth the creation of offers. He uses many stories from his private life to help you know how false beliefs are an essential part of creating offers and the process of selling something to someone. In addition to week 1, week 2 is quite revealing. This is true if you are new to the world of online marketing.         

As long as I have been discussing attractiveness here. 

Russell Brunson and Stephen are adamant about things like the daily post and why you have to be there. You must be vocal and seen. 

Don't stay behind bars and expect to make it in this industry. It is so important. And I fully agree with this approach. Many people try to guess and think that no one wants to hear what they have to say. Or they think they have not yet succeeded.        
Sections Included in Week 2:
-Offer Hacking
-Greatest Showman
-Offer Sequencing
-eCovers & Offer Assets
-Catch Up Day
-Mission Review

Week 3 – Story Selling

Stories are huge. One of the things Russell learned from the start is the importance of stories. 

He tells how he hired Michael Hauge, a world-renowned Hollywood screenwriter, to speak at one of his events. 

He explains everything he has learned from him about effective storytelling. You see, stories are like glue in sales. 

They put things together and help things make sense. But stories are also essential to amplify your message and break down false beliefs.         
At the center of all this is the notion that you are taking the prospect on a journey. Your personal journey, also known as the story of origin, is essential in helping prospects set out on their own journey.

 Why? Because often your prospects are at the exact moment you were before having your great epiphany (a-ha moment). So, you've started to geek out, as Russell calls it, at everything related to the subject. 

But the real reason why the trip is important is that there are always two trips that everyone should take when trying to accomplish this great thing.           
There is the first trip. This is known as the journey of desire. They want the car, the house, the money, or whatever. It is clear and obvious. 

But there is a second, more important journey, called the journey of transformation. This is what you become when you work to fulfill this desire. 

Whether you realize the desire or not, the internal transformation is enormous. What you become as a result of what you desire is an important part of life and, without a doubt, our existence here. 

Yes, very existential. I know. But also, very true.  

Sections Included in Week 3:
-Epiphany Bridge
-Your Origin Story
-Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks
-Catch Up Day
-Catch Up Day
-Mission Review

Week 4 – Creating Your Sales Funnel

The fourth week of the OFA challenge is devoted to sales funnels and using ClickFunnels to create pages in the funnel. They even provide a shared funnel. 

This means that you clone it directly into your ClickFunnels account to get started quickly. 
All you need to do is change some things, and off you go. 

However, Russell Brunson and Stephen also do a great job of bringing together the different fundamentals of the sales funnel and their relevance, using real examples.         

The OFA challenge is the best $ 100 you have ever spent. 

This will seriously open your eyes to a new world. I don't say that just because I am an affiliate. In my opinion, it's the best thing. 

Having experienced this myself, I can say without a doubt that this is the best training and knowledge for $ 100 that I have ever seen.

 Period. It's not just about training in buyer psychology and creating offers. But also the construction of the funnel itself and the way everything fits together.        

Other things in building the sales funnel are things like the squeeze page and the OTO page. They explain the psychology behind it and also show you how to configure it. Again, if you are new to ClickFunnels or sales funnels in general, this information is like gold.    

Sections Included in Week 4:
-Core Funnel Strategy
-Your Share Funnel
-The Squeeze Page
-The Sales Page
-The OTO Page
-Catch Up Day
-Mission Review

Week 5 - Get traffic!

Traffic is very important to the success of any business, wouldn't you say? I mean, think about it. When you rent a store, say, in a mall (yes, I know, a thing of the past today), you pay for the store. 

Pedestrian traffic is all. When you list your items for sale on Amazon, you also pay for the same eyes.              

What I mean is that traffic is important. And the one thing that often keeps most people from diving into funnel building is a false belief that they can't get traffic. 

Such is the beauty of this section. Russell and Stephen reveal all the secrets to getting traffic. The funny thing is that Russell bought Traffic Secrets from John Reese. Reese, as some of you may already know, is the first person to make a million dollars in just one day online. It was the so-called 4-minute mile from Russell that he still talks about.            
Sections Included in Week 5:
-3 Types of Traffic
-Dream 100
-Earn Your Way In
-Buy Your Way In
-Funnel Audibles
-Mission Review
-Mission Debrief

What Else Will You Get After Joining One Funnel Away Challenge?

So, Lets Talk About What You Get When You Join One Funnel Away Challenge
Russell Brunson's 30-day video missions

It's super cool because, in the next 30 days (the next challenge starts on February 25), you will receive 4 weeks of video training from the man himself: Russell Brunson.
He will share funnel building strategies, mindset, strategies, and, most importantly, "advice" on how it all works.

Listen carefully to the part where it creates the offer and why it is super important for the success of your sales funnels.
Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian 30 Days of Coaching

You'll also have live training sessions from Russell's own funnel builder: Stephen Larsen. He's the guy I've been following for a while. He is a great marketer and a master of creating offers.    
In addition, you will receive coaching sessions from Julie Stoian (who is now Vice President of Marketing for Clickfunnels).
It is really worth listening to these Two Comma Club Winners.
30 Day Kit Plan of One Funnel Away Challenge

The challenge kit is made up of everything you need (that is when it comes to providing the knowledge and information you need to succeed). 
Physical copy of the challenge workbook
This workbook contains the tasks and an overview of the challenges you will have to overcome during the next 4 weeks. definitely useful because it saves you time finding and printing them. 
MP3 player with recordings

It's an incredible bonus because you can now hear the challenge during your leisure or in the car. 
30-day hardcover book
I love to collect and read books. But it is the book that contains the plans and strategies of the 30 Two Comma Club recipients. Don't overlook the power of the strategies they shared here.    
Unlimited, lifetime access to 30-day interviews
What if the 30 days end? No worries, you will have LIFETIME, unlimited access to the 30-day interview. These interviews contain a lot of gold nuggets, so listen to them all and take notes!    
Two Comma Club Interviews’ Behind The Scenes
Seriously, I don't know why they did it for only $ 100. But the top 30 winners of Two Comma Club who participated in this book shared their funnels and strategies.     
This value is huge because they will guide you through behind the scenes of your funnels, what they believed to have worked, and what they have done.

Other Benefit After Joining OFA?

It is hosted by Russell Brunson, one of the world leaders in digital marketing behind ClickFunnels.

The OFA challenge is the best motivational tool to create your first (or next) funnel.
Julie Stoian, a seven-figure entrepreneur, shows how to implement the marketing strategies of Russell.        

The course guides you step by step through the process of creating a high converting offer.

It's only $ 100! It is a steal, considering all that is included.  

Create your funnel with strategies that Russell himself uses.

Have fun when creating your funnel. Russell did everything he could to gamify the process to make you feel like you were on an epic mission ... except that instead of earning badges and points, you earn loads of money.  

Contact the Funnel Hacker community and other OFA participants for another level of accountability.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you return your challenge kit within 30 days of your arrival, you will receive a refund of $ 100. But, since shipping is expensive, it's probably not worth it.  

I don't have much time to watch videos every day. Do I still have to take up the challenge?  
If you don't have about an hour a day to watch the challenge videos, I don't recommend signing up. You can easily fall behind, and when this happens, you will have a hard time catching up.  

Russell Brunson guarantees that if you participate fully and act daily (including live calls), there is no way you will even request a refund.

However, if you still think it's not worth the $ 100, you are permitted to return it anytime you want within the 30 days of purchase for a full refund.    

But if you're like most Russell students, the experience will transform your business (and maybe even your life ... you wouldn't be the first).

Is One Funnel Away Challenge for Beginners?

Please note that this 30-day challenge is not intended only for product creators or service providers. It has been planned in a way that it is also beneficial for those who wish to start their online career as an affiliate and do not wish to create their own product. 

They are only interested in selling the product to others as an affiliate. So to be successful, they need to learn how to create a sales funnel, driving traffic to their offer, creating an irresistible offer, etc. to be taught in this challenge.       

I would like to mention that If you only work only as an affiliate and you do not even have any products. you will still make a very good recurring affiliate commission, promoting Clickfunnels and its other products.  

So, I say with great confidence that if you are a beginner or if you have no experience, you can still participate and benefit from the training, because there are many things that you can learn in this challenge.

Join One Funnel Away Challenge Now!

You see, there are many digital courses, training sessions, and resources that can teach you the basics of making money online. But I sincerely believe that the One Funnel Away Challenge is the best way to succeed as an online entrepreneur today. I wish it existed when I started.    
Includes live training, tons of resources, step-by-step instructions, all at a great price. And it's not only the best way to succeed; it's definitely the quickest. So, what are you waiting for?  
Click the link below to join One Funnel Away Challenge Now!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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